Back in 2006 a few wise people of Moonie thought it might be fun to hold a day of Yabbie Races.  The locals rallied together, dusting off their best outfits, catching the local prized yabbies, laying out the hay bales, and stocking up the fridges.  Everyone invited their friends and family and started what is known as the Moonie Yabbie Races.

The day starts with locals and far away friends coming together to form their own “syndicates” for the yabbie auctions.  Before each race of the afternoon, the yabbies are displayed; their speed and talents analysed by the discerning crowds, and then individually auctioned off.  Of course, some of the slower and more docile yabbies make for a bargain, but their true speed can never be assumed until the gun is fired!

The yabbies then race in one of six races, eight yabbies in each, and the total funds raised through the auctions is split between the first, second and third place syndicates. As you might not realise... those desirable yabbies can fetch up to $300, or even $400... so first place will often land you over $1500 and that is JUST the heats!

The final and most exciting event of the day is the Moonie Cup.... where all heat finalists are raced against each other.  These finalists are auctioned off a second time in the final Calcutta before taking to the starting blocks. 

Outside the main arena, the kids are tiring themselves out on the rock climbing wall and the jumping castle, the mums are shopping at the stalls or buying tickets in the raffles, and those best dressed punters are gearing up for the Fashions of the Fields competition.

It’s not surprising this day has become ‘the’ event on the annual Moonie calendar, with over 400 people travelling from far and wide to experience the phenomenon of Yabbie Racing!

Make sure you book it in your diary and make the trip out to Moonie to have the most fun you’ve ever had with yabbies!